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My passion is all about swiss pocket knives as a collector, and knife ethusiast. The swiss army knives are connected to switzerland like watches and chocolate and have a long history and tradition. But less is known about the exact history and about facts, because many knifemakers stopped their production in the beginning of the 20th century. The remaining companies like Wenger and Victorinox did not publish a lot of informations. They just wanted to sell as many knives as possible and did not spend their ressources for dealing with their past and their identity. So its up for us collectors and knife enthusiasts to gather the informations we know to publish them and to make them available for everybody.
The informations on this website and the brochures I sell here are based on my knowledge at this very moment. I`m happy to receive any informations and questions you have and hope I can answer them and hope also to learn more about this very interesting history of the swiss pocket knives.  

Meine Leidenschaft ist das Sammeln von alten Schweizer Taschenmessern. Das Schweizer Taschenmesser steht für die Schweiz wie kaum ein anderer Artikel und hat eine sehr lange Tradition. Leider gibt es sehr wenige Informationen oder falsche Informationen, da viele Hersteller schon lange nicht mehr existieren, oder die grossen Firmen wie Victorinox und ehemals Wenger bisher wenige Informationen veröffentlich haben. Im Vergleich zu Uhren und Uhrenherstellern, bei denen es praktisch für jedes Modell eines bekannten Herstellers ganze Bücher voll mit Informationen gibt, ist dies bei den Schweizer Taschenmessern und Taschenmesserherstellern nicht der Fall. 

Mein Anliegen ist es, die Geschichte der Taschenmesserproduktion aufzuarbeiten und Informationen zu sammeln und wenn möglich zu veröffentlichen. Das Taschenmesser als Schweizer Kulturgut sollen mehr Beachtung erhalten. Im Vordergrund steht für mich das Taschenmesser an sich, nicht unbedingt die Geschichte des Herstellers, wer wann wen geheiratet hat und mit wem welche Kinder gezeugt, sondern wann welche Taschenmessern mit welchen Funktionen und mit welche Zweck produziert wurden. 

Diese Aufgabe lässt sich nur gemeinsam mit anderen Liebhabern und Sammlern bewerkstelligen. Deshalb bin ich für jegliche Anregungen und Informationen sehr dankbar!



CoverEnglish - Kopie
CoverEnglish - Kopie

Broschüren / Brochures / Booklets

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The Swiss army knife


Collecting soldier knives has been popular for decades. There are certainly various reasons for
this. One reason may be that all graduates of the Swiss Recruiting School came into contact with
the swiss army knife and were allowed to keep the swiss army knife after their period of service.
Furthermore, for many people, Swiss Army Knives are the epitome of what defines the qualities
of Switzerland: tradition, the highest quality, Swissness. There is a lot of literature about the swiss
army knife. Unfortunately, much is wrong or lacking, which is why there is no work that I could
recommend. In my opinion, the reasons for the incorrect or incomplete literature are as follows:


- Lack of verified information from trusted sources
- Information based on speculation and incorrect assumptions
- Incorrect sources and documents that are referred to again and again, thereby further
spreading the misinformation


The following brochure is intended to provide information and illustrative material which is fact
based and reliable information. Speculations and assumptions are indicated using italics. This will
probably not prevent errors from creeping in here as well. Therefore, I am very grateful for any
feedback in order to be even more precise and precise for later publications.


For all photos and illustrations used here, either the source file is given, or they are my own
recordings of copies in my possession.


This brochure is structured in such a way that it starts with the 1st model of the Swiss army knife
- the 1890 model - and ends with the last and still current model - the 2008 model. In addition
to the official soldier's knives for the Swiss Army, civilian versions are also presented to help
distinguish an original swiss army knife from an imitation or a civilian version.