swiss pocket knives

No. 135 k m


Victorinox in the 1970s and produced in small numbers, usually only in very small numbers for certain customers. This model never officially appears in a catalogue. In principle, all the tools for this model were available from Victorinox at the time and were used for other models, which is why producing this model should not have been particularly difficult. However, large-scale production was avoided. The 91mm model with the same configuration, later known as the «Grand Prix» model, was an official and widely used model.

functional parts

model no. 135 km had a can opener, a screwdriver, a metalsaw/metal file, scissors and an awl and a Phillips screwdriver on the back.

material thickness

Large cutting blade: 2.5 mm; small cutting blade: 1.6 mm; Can opener: 2.0 mm; Screwdriver: 2.0mm; Metal saw/file: 1.75 mm; Scissors: 2.5mm; Awl: 2.0 mm; Phillips Screwdriver: 2.5mm


The model no. 148 k is a 4-ply model. The bottom layer consisted of a large and small cutting blade and a Phillips screwdriver on the back, the top layer of a can opener and screwdriver and awl on the back. In between, the metal saw/file was mounted on the 2nd layer and the scissors on the 3rd layer, which turned around the base rivet together with a small cutting blade and screwdriver.

scale material

Cellidor red was used as the scale material. Other scale material for this model is not known.

No. unknown