swiss pocket knives

84 mm No. 1240-Serie

The series of 1240 pocket knives is largely unknown. This probably has something to do with the fact that these pocket knives were only produced for a very short period of time and only in small numbers. The production costs (manual work) were possibly too expensive and the series was therefore discontinued by Victorinox.

The origin of the series lay in the early days of Victorinox history. Model no. 241, later known as no. 1241, is already shown in the 1901 catalogue. More models were added. Various models are shown in the 1922 catalogue.

Originally they were pocket knives with a simple fiber handle, intended for students or pupils, but the series has evolved into pocket knives for the upper middle class, with handles made of tortoiseshell, horn or mother-of-pearl.

In terms of functional parts, there were simple, 1-piece models with a cutting blade, up to 5-piece pocket knives with scissors, a nail file and a corkscrew on the back, as an addition to a small and large cutting blade.

The complete series was available with full-surface handle scales or with bolsters made of brass. If only the bolsters were mounted on the head of the pocket knife, the suffix ¼ was added to the article number. If the pocket knife had a bolster at both the head and the foot, ½ (cf. cat. 1922) was added to the article number. The bolsters protect in particular the sensitive scales made of mother-of-pearl or tortoiseshell.



No. 1241