swiss pocket knives

No. 148 k


Almost nothing is known about model no. 148 k, except that it was produced in very small numbers. This model never appears in the official catalogues. It can be assumed that it was made on a special order by Victorinox for customers.

The model no. 148 k is the very common and well-known model no. 248 k, which has a Phillips screwdriver instead of the corkscrew.

functional parts

Model No. 148k had a large cutting blade, a small cutting blade and a Phillips screwdriver on the back.

material thickness

Large cutting blade: 2.5 mm; small cutting blade: 1.6 mm; Phillips screwdriver: 2.5 mm


The model no. 148 k is a 1-ply model. The large cutting blade turned around the head rivet, the small cutting blade around the foot rivet. The Phillips screwdriver was attached to the center rivet.

scale material

Cellidor red was used as the scale material. Other scale material for this model is not known.

No. 135 k m


Nr. 148k
Nr. 148k