swiss pocket knives

61 mm

The 61 mm series was only produced for a short time and emerged in the mid-1920s (cf. Klötzli catalogue, p. 20). Only stainless steel was used for the entire series. The scales were made of mother-of-pearl, tortoiseshell or horn.

These pocket knives were advertised as "fine" pocket knives. Despite their small size, these knives were comparatively expensive, costing the same as a Swiss soldier's knife (see Kloetzli catalogue, pp. 18-20). The noble materials used and the production from rust-resistant steel may have been decisive for the price.

These pocket knives were only slightly larger than the smallest series of 58 mm pocket knives (see size comparison on the right). However, they differ significantly in shape. While the 58 mm series consisted of scales with a constant width over the entire length, the scales of the 61 mm series were strongly rounded at the foot, widened and then became increasingly narrower towards the pocket knife head, with a likewise strongly rounded tip.

This typical shape was also applied to some of the larger model series and implemented in 69 mm, 75 mm and 84 mm.

The target group of these small and noble pocket knives were the fine ladies and gentlemen who could afford such pocket knives in the "golden 20's".

Only 2 different tool configurations were developed for the 61 mm series, knife no. 610 with a large and small blade and knife no. 600 with an additional nail file on the back.

These pocket knives were also available with a ring or bail to attach them to a chain.

At first glance, the 61 mm series does not differ significantly from the next larger series of 69 mm or 75 mm pocket knives. However, there are key differences on the back of the No. 600 model in the way the nail file rests on the spacers. In addition, the ring on pocket knife no. 610 can only be found in this type on this model and on no other.

The 61mm series was produced from the 1920s through the 1930s/1940s. The demand was probably too low or the difference to the 69 mm, 75 mm and 84 mm series too small, as well as the size, comparable to the pocket knives of the 58 mm series.

Since these small pocket knives were only produced for a short time and in small numbers, they are correspondingly rare to find.



No. 610