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No. 136


Model no. 136 first appeared in the 1959 Victorinox catalogue. It is still manufactured today, known under the name "Fieldmaster".

This model was at times referred to as the " Craftsman ". It's basically a model No.236 with a Phillips screwdriver in place of the corkscrew. In contrast to the model No.236, which had its origins around 1900, the hihistory of the model No.136 is shorter due to the fact that the Phillips screwdriver was only developed in the early 1950s. This model was always available in 2 variants, in "a" toothpick/tweezers and in "a U" toothpick/tweezers and bracket/key ring.

functional parts

Model No.136 featured a small and large cutting blade, can opener, screwdriver, saw, and scissors, as well as a Phillips screwdriver and awl on the back.

The model no. 136 always had the addition of a toothpick/tweezers and an optional bracket/key ring.

material thickness

Big cutting blade: 2.7 mm; small cutting blade: 1.7 mm, screwdriver: 2.0 mm; Can opener: 2.0 mm; Scissors: 2.5mm; saw: 1.8 mm; Phillips screwdriver: 2.8mm; Awl: 2.0 mm


Model No.136 is a 4-ply model. Between the lower layer (small and large cutting blade and Phillips screwdriver on the back) and the upper layer (screwdriver and can opener and awl on the back), the scissors are mounted on the second layer and the saw on the third layer, which together with the twist a small cutting blade and screwdriver around the base rivet. Awl and Phillips screwdriver are attached to the center rivet.

scale material

Victorinox used as scale material Cellidor red.

circuit boards/interlayer

The liners are made of aluminium, the intermediate layer is made of nickel silver or aluminium.

Trade names: Fieldmaster, Craftsman

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