swiss pocket knives

No. 136 k m


Model no. 136 km was the only 5-ply model in size 84 mm. It was produced by Victorinox for a limited period, probably from around 1952 to around 1971. It is still listed in the 1971 catalogue, but is missing from the 1972 catalogue. This can also mean that it was no longer quite as popular, but could still be produced on special requests (cf. cat. 1971/1972)..

The model designation No. 136 km stands for the basic version No. 136 with Phillips screwdriver, saw and scissors. The k stands for the 84 mm version and the m for the addition of a metalsaw/file. This model was the little brother of model no. 136 m, later better known as "Master Craftsman ", which NASA ordered from Victorinox for its space missions.

functional parts

The 136 km model had a large and small cutting blade, the can opener and screwdriver, scissors, saw and metalsaw, and on the back a Phillips screwdriver and awl.

The model existed with hanger and toothpick/tweezers. For a surcharge of CHF 40, different special designs could be commissioned (cf. cat. 1972).

material thickness

Large cutting blade: 2.5 mm; small cutting blade: 1.6 mm; Can opener: 2.0 mm; Bottle Opener: 2.0mm; Metal saw/file: 1.75 mm; saw: 1.9 mm (later 1.75 mm) scissors: 2.5 mm; Awl: 2.0 mm; Phillips screwdriver: 2.5 mm


Model No. 136 km was a 5-layer pocket knife. The bottom layer consisted of a small cutting blade, screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver on the back; the upper layer of large cutting blade, can opener and awl on the back. Between these layers were three additional layers, one with the scissors, one with the saw and the other with the metalsaw/file.

scale material

Cellidor red was used as the scale material. For all models with a Phillips screwdriver (the only exception is model no. 134 k), only Cellidor red was offered as the standard scale material, while horn, staghorn or mother-of-pearl were often also used for other models.

Trade names: Master Craftsman Small

No. 137 k