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No. 234 f


Victorinox developed model no. 234 f in the early 1950s. It appears for the first time in the 1954 catalog under the category «fishing knives». The model no. 234 f is a model no. 234 with an additional fish scaler. This model appears in the catalogs continuously up to 1964. In 1969 it is no longer listed in the catalogue. It is a model that was only produced in small numbers. Apparently, many fishermen preferred the 235 f (with additional scissors) or 236 f (with additional saw and scissors) models. functions belonged. This model appears to have been available in red cellidor bowls as well as in blue cellidor bowls with an inlay in the shape of a fish.

functional parts

In addition to a small and a large cutting blade, model no. 234 f had a can opener, a screwdriver, a fish scaler, a corkscrew and an awl on the back.

material thickness

Big cutting blade: 2.7 mm; small cutting blade: 1.7 mm; fish scales: 1.4 mm; Screwdriver: 2.0mm; Can opener: 2.0 mm; Corkscrew: 2.7mm; Awl: 2.0 mm


The model no. 234 f is a 3-layer pocket knife. The top layer consists of the can opener and the screwdriver as well as the awl on the back, the bottom layer consists of small and large cutting blades and the corkscrew on the back. In between, the fish scaler is mounted in the middle position, which moves around the foot rivet together with a small cutting blade and screwdriver.

scale material

As scale material for model no. 234 f Cellidor red or blue as scale material.


The circuit boards are made of aluminum, the intermediate layer is made of nickel silver

Trade name: fishing knife

No. 235


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