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No. 290


The pocket knife with the model number 290 appears in the catalogs of 1901 and 1910 at the beginning of the 20th century. It must have been one of the rarer specimens, since only a few pieces are known to exist in collections worldwide. This model already had its own name at that time and not just a number. It was called " Explorateur " in French and "Explorer" in English. It belonged to the flagship of the Victorinox company, together with the other sports and army knives and the soldiers' knives. It had 9 different tools, which was a lot for the time. The price was immense for that time. A copy of model no. 290 around 1910 cost CHF 18.65. In comparison, the price for a model no. 205/234 was CHF 5.35, more than three times less. Price may well have been a major reason why it was not produced often and production ceased after 1910.

This model is very similar to the 91 mm and 84 mm army knives. The model no. 290 was the only one of this kind in the special size of 100 mm. With the exception of the punch for leather work, all other tools can also be found in the 91 mm officer's knife series.

functional parts

Model No.290 had a large cutting blade, screwdriver, scissors, saw, punch, can opener, and on the back, a hoof cleaner, drill, and corkscrew. The model no. 290 was optionally available with a bail.


Model No.290 was a 3-layer pocket knife. The upper layer consisted of a can opener, screwdriver and drill on the back, the lower layer of the large cutting blade, punch and a corkscrew on the back. The middle layer consisted of scissors and saw as well as a hoof cleaner on the back.

scale material

Victorinox used red fiber or corrugated aluminum as the scale material for this model.

Trade names: Explorateur, Explorer

110 mm + 122 mm


Nr. 290
Nr. 290