swiss pocket knives

82.5 mm

The format of 82.5 mm was a very rarely used size at Victorinox. There were two different types of models. One was the Model No. 621, a slim pocket knife with two functions. Of these, mainly pocket knives are known, which were manufactured for the Dubied company in Couvet.

There was also a wide model (produced around 1910/1920) with a single blade. This pocket knife has no known number and does not appear in any catalogue. According to information from Victorinox, these pocket knives were given to certain customers in their branches as gifts.

The construction of this pocket knife is very similar, comparable to the slightly smaller model no. 622. In this type, instead of celluloid/ cellidor, a metal sheet was used as both the scale and the pocket knife back. This sheet metal was folded and fixed with rivets. There were pocket knives in bare metal or with a black oxide layer.

No. 621