swiss pocket knives

79 mm

Victorinox developed two model series in the 79 mm size, with one series having only one model, model no. 622. There was also the 1230 pocket knife series. Both model series only existed for a limited period of time and were not very popular.

The origin of the 1230 series was right in the beginning of Victorinox. Model no. 241, later known as no. 1241, is already shown in the 1901 catalog (cf. cat. 1901). It had a length of 84 mm. More models were added. Various models are shown in the 1922 catalogue. In addition to the 1240 models, the 1230 model series was also established. These were optically identical pocket knives to the 1240 series, but in a size of 79 mm.

Originally they were pocket knives with a simple fiber handle, intended for students or pupils, but the series has evolved into pocket knives for the upper middle class, with handles made of tortoiseshell, horn or mother-of-pearl. This may have something to do with the fact that the 50s and 70s series were established for students and schoolchildren.

The functional parts ranged from simple 1-piece models with a cutting blade to 5-piece pocket knives with scissors, nail file and corkscrew on the back, as an addition to the small and large cutting blade.

The complete series was available with full-surface handles or with brass bolsters. If only the jaws were mounted on the pocket knife head, the suffix ¼ was added to the number. If it had cheeks on both the head and the foot, the suffix ½ (cf. cat. 1922). In particular, the cheeks should protect the sensitive scales made of mother-of-pearl or tortoiseshell.

It is no longer possible to say with certainty why the 1240 and 1230 series were completely discontinued. It can be assumed that they could not assert themselves in the market. At the same time, other series became popular, notably the 50's and 70's series, which were also available in two sizes and had identical features. Here, too, noble and expensive materials such as tortoiseshell and mother-of-pearl were used.


No. 622