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No. 134 m


Victorinox produced model no. 134 m from around 1972/1973. It was very similar to the Model No.8134m except that the narrow screwdriver was replaced with a small cutting blade. Typically, the scales had a nickel silver/stainless steel inlay with the image of a Ford Model T.

The model was produced by Victorinox until around 1990 and then removed from the range.

functional parts

In addition to the large cutting blade, can opener and screwdriver, model no. 134 m had a metal file, an awl and a Phillips screwdriver on the back and a small cutting blade. The model was available with tweezers/toothpick as standard and optionally with the bracket/key ring option.

material thickness

Big cutting blade: 2.7 mm; small cutting blade: 1.7 mm, screwdriver: 2.0 mm; Can opener: 2.0 mm; Metal saw/file: 1.7 – 1.8 mm; Phillips screwdriver: 2.7mm; Awl: 2.0 mm


The upper layer consists of the screwdriver and the can opener as well as the awl on the back, the lower layer consists of the small and large cutting blade and the Phillips screwdriver on the back, the middle layer consists of the metalsaw/file, which together with the small cutting blade and the screwdriver rotates around the base rivet. Phillips screwdriver and awl are attached to the center rivet.

scale material

Victorinox used red Cellidor as the scale material.


The circuit boards are made of aluminum, the intermediate layer is made of nickel silver.

Trade names: Automobile Special

No. 135


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