swiss pocket knives

No. 54/2


by Victorinox in the 1920s, this knife was produced in very small numbers until the early 1950s. It is unclear why this version, with the nail file instead of the small cutting blade, did not catch on. Possibly the No. 52 model, with a long nail file on the back, was preferred.

functional parts

Compared to model No. 54, this model features a nail file instead of the small cutting blade. This model did not come with a toothpick and tweezers.

material thickness

Big blade: 2.25 mm; nail file: 1.0 mm; Scissors: 2.25mm


The model no. 54/2 is a double-layered pocket knife. The first tier is almost identical to that of model No. 50, with a back spring allowing the small cutting blade and nail file to open and close. The second layer consists of the scissors with back spring. The back spring is continuous and forms a closure with the bowl/liner at the pocket knife foot. It also serves as a support point for the scissors when closed, similar to model no. 50/1.

scale material

Horn and mother-of-pearl were the main materials used for the scale, possibly other materials as well.


The liners, rivets and the intermediate layer are made of nickel silver.

No. 55


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